TypePro: Taipei 2016

Type Pro: Taipei 2016 brings Monotype's team of type experts to Taiwan, initiating an exciting and meaningful exchange between the world and Taiwanese designers.

Lead by Monotype's Type Director Akira Kobayashi, Creative Director James Fooks-Bale, Chief Designer Robin Hui, the type experts are going to share the design concept and work experience on designing Latin and Chinese fonts, as well challenges of the creative mind facing behind font products. We have also invited 5 renowned Taiwanese designers: Aaron Nieh, Fi Peng, Joe Chang, Tamago Yeh and Joe Fang, who are all having their own remarkable works and thoughts deeply rooted with Taiwan, and leading graduate influence in the society. They will have a focused session discussing type and typography in Taiwan.

Monotype Ying Hei™

Meet Monotype's Ying Hei (M Ying Hei™), a new family of Heiti with five weights, designed and built for performance.

M Ying Hei was designed by seasoned typeface designers Kenneth Kwok and Robin Hui to the highest standards. A minimal and contemporary design, M Ying Hei is free from extraneous details, with a well considered skeleton and refined stoke designs. M Ying Hei has a stable centroid, with character densities adjusted based on the number of strokes, providing an even texture and stable rhythm for continuous text. M Ying Hei conveys a professional, rational and efficient image for any document.

Eric Gill Series

The Eric Gill Series is a collection of 77 fonts in three families: Gill Sans® Nova, Joanna® Nova and Joanna Sans Nova. All the typefaces are derived from the original work of the influential British artist Eric Gill (1882-1940), acclaimed in his lifetime as a sculptor, letter-cutter and type designer. These are contemporary digital typefaces - with a wide range of weights, alternate characters and extended language support - that pay homage to Gill's original designs.

Introducing Monotype Spark™ Solution for beautiful, scalable type to devices of restricted resources...

Monotype Spark™ Solution extends beautiful, scalable type to wide ecosystem of devices. It enables scalable text, optimized for memory efficiency in products like wearables, medical and internet of things devices, and Low- to Mid-End automotive dashboard displays.

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Monotype and MIT AgeLab Develop SOA Methodology for Testing Typeface Legibility...

This new study uses an adapted Stimulus Onset Asynchrony (SOA) methodology to create a more flexible, cost- and time-effective way for designers to test specific typeface legibility under glance-like behavior - and help OEMs such as automotive manufacturers and HMI designers select a legible typeface for in-vehicle displays.

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  • New additions since 2012

    Owners of Monotype Unicode Chinese OpenType Collections 2012 (PRC and HK), please follow the following links for a list of latest releases since 2012…

    HK Releases Since 2012
    PRC Releases Since 2012

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