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iType™ - A Compact Font Engine For Digital Communication Devices

Mobile phones, PDAs, set-top boxes, interactive TVs - these and other devices benefit from iType™ , Monotype's scalable font subsystem for rendering high-quality characters within memory-constrained environments. iType works with industry-standard TrueType and OpenType® fonts or highly compact stroke-based fonts and includes a fast TrueType and OpenType rasterizer.

Small, fast, high-quality multilingual solution for OEMs High-quality text is quickly rendered as 1-bit-per-pixel bitmaps, 4-bits-per-pixel anti-aliased graymaps, or as outlines. iType meets stringent size requirements for any device, including those that support East Asian languages requiring thousands of characters.

iType works with fonts designed for specific devices or operating environments. Four prepackaged sets are available, or fonts can be hand-selected from a library of over 1,300 TrueType and OpenType fonts from Monotype. Custom typefaces, bitmaps, embedded bitmaps, outlines, Unicode™ -compliant fonts, font subsets virtually any font requirement can be met.

Features and Benefits

Superior quality - iType yields exceptional font display quality. An ample selection of fonts is available, specifically engineered for optimal screen display on any device, at any resolution and size.

Fast throughput - iType's TrueType and OpenType rasterizer renders characters extremely fast for rapid display. Virtually any character size is supported on a variety of devices.

Small code size - Designed for memory-constrained environments where storage is at a premium, iType requires just 32-60 KB of ROM (depending on the configuration and options).

Font packs geared for devices - Designed to overcome limitations involving storage, resolution and other factors that compromise on-screen display quality, font sets are available for specific devices to ensure the highest level of integrity and readability.

Multilanguage support - East Asian scripts are stored in the smallest of footprints, conserving already limited storage. iType also supports outline fonts for both Latin and non-Latin writing systems.

Bitmaps and custom fonts - Solutions are available for any font requirement, from special characters and embedded bitmaps to the integration of existing TrueType and OpenType or custom fonts.

Closed captioning - iType supports FCC requirements for closed captioning on digital and analog TVs. Full compliance assures OEMs that fonts and font effect options meet government specifications.

Subpixel rendering for color LCDs - Readability is further enhanced through Monotype's patented subpixel rendering algorithm. Smaller text sizes can be used while maintaining exceptional legibility, enabling more information to be displayed on-screen.

Subpixel Rendering

By taking advantage of separate R/G/B per-pixel stripes in color LCD screens, sub-pixel rendering produces higher-resolution "black" text, without the fuzziness produced by conventional grayscaled (antialiased) text. In effect we are tripling the effective resolution in the horizontal direction.

Complete i-mode character support - iType's i-mode package provides full compatibility to meet the unique character requirements of the i-mode Japanese Internet access platform. Developers of smart phones save development time and gain a faster time-to-market.

Character cache support - Overall system performance is maximized through high-speed character caching. Dynamic storage and updateable code - Concurrent disk/ROM support allows for dynamic storage of additional fonts. Stored in flash ROM, fonts can be updated when necessary.

Portability - iType is packaged as ANSI C source code for broad, flexible integration in a variety of devices and applications. iType uses a simple API for easy integration.

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