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Monotype Ying Hei™
Meet Monotype's Ying Hei (M Ying Hei™), a new family of Heiti with five weights, designed and built for performance.

M Ying Hei was designed by seasoned typeface designers Kenneth Kwok and Robin Hui to the highest standards. A minimal and contemporary design, M Ying Hei is free from extraneous details, with a well considered skeleton and refined stoke designs. M Ying Hei has a stable centroid, with character densities adjusted based on the number of strokes, providing an even texture and stable rhythm for continuous text. M Ying Hei conveys a professional, rational and efficient image for any document.
Fluid and Quick: MCurvy-Medium...
MCurvy is the latest Chinese creation from Monotype Studio. This design is casual and eye catching. It carries streaming yet ever-changing and wavy characteristics of liquid. Ideal for your next headline to attract attention and show case your versatility.

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Born of A New Star: MZhiNgai-UltraBold...
This new creation from Monotype Studio is a perfect combination in contrast and cleanness of the award winning MZhiHei together with the sophistication of the ZhongYi family. Ideal for your next headline to attract attention and appeal your audience.

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MGentle Family
Monotype Hong Kong is glad to announce addition of a new member to the MGentle family (MGentle-Bold). MGentle is an decorative and informal design that can deliver an elegant look and feel.

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MEllan Family
Join us to celebrate the arrival of a new family member just added to the MEllan Family! MEllan Light and other two family members are all available in Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

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MStiffHei Family: One more member and still counting...
Thanks for the support of our super star font family, we have heard your messages about adding more weights to the MStiffHei family, we are working on it. By mid December, we will add two more weights to suit your needs.

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New Family memeber added to MFeltPen Family
Let's have more fun!

Our latest release MFeltPen-SemiMedium provides one more option for fun fonts. See the font samples here.

Brand new headline font: MZhiHei-UltraBold
Looking for a brand new font for your headline?
We might have what you need.

MZhiHei-UltraBold is our new design, find out more about it and see the font samples.

FontExplorer X Pro Updated!
Building upon its reputation for ease of use, the application offers a suite of features to help you find the perfect font for your projects. FontExplorer X Pro 4.0 also breaks new ground with support for Web fonts, OpenType features and Monotype's SkyFonts font delivery platform.

An indispensable tool for your creative workflow, you can upgrade to the all new FontExplorer X Pro 4.0 at discounted price or purchase the all new FontExplorer X Pro 4.0! Release Notes
Latest Additions to Qing Hua Family
Two new members are added to the Qing Hua Family, check out the release date and font samples! (see details)

2012 Combo - HK Collection Font Update
Providing the best quality font software to our users has always been our priority. Lately, we included font improvements in our 2012 Combo - HK Collection. More than 30 fonts were updated in this release. This includes: character writings, outline improvements and HKSCS updates (see details). Users of 2012 Combo can enjoy a free upgrade. Please contact us for details!
New fonts for 2012
Check out our latest additions
10 Traditional Chinese fonts (HK Collection)
10 Simplified Chinese fonts (HK Collection and PRC Collection)
The new additions are added to our latest Font CD products, please see details in Retail Products.
Freeware - Try & Preview fonts in your InDesign Document
Trying & Buying Fonts Has Never Been Easier! With Font Gazer you can quickly preview thousands of fonts directly from your InDesign document. Download it for free now.
Freeware - Font.com Web Font Extension beta : for Adobe Photoshop
A free plug-in enables you to try thousands of Web fonts for your creative prototypes in Adobe Photoshop. Download it for free now.
Learn more about Fonts & Typography
Explore the world of typography with Fonts.com as your guide. Our Learn About Fonts & Typography section is your resource for improving your typographic acumen and keeping up with what's new on Fonts.com and the latest trends in visual design.
Corporate Press Releases
Latest Press Release from Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc.

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    Owners of Monotype Unicode Chinese OpenType Collections 2012 (PRC and HK), please follow the following links for a list of latest releases since 2012…

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